28oz Heavy Duty Rect Injected Container With Lid 150 Combo

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Introducing Our Durable Rectangular Containers with Lids

These containers are designed to withstand high temperatures, offering a durable and crack-resistant polypropylene construction. The sealed edge function helps prevent spillage and messes during transit, making them perfect for your takeout or delivery needs.

What sets our containers apart is the anti-fog ventilated lid. This feature reduces condensation, ensuring your food remains fresh and appetizing. Plus, the clear lid allows for easy identification of contents, saving you time in a busy kitchen environment.

Our containers are not just functional but also environmentally friendly, boasting a 100% recyclable design. Their flat top and bottom ensure easy stacking in to-go bags, optimizing space and ensuring stability during transport.

Fulfill all your storage needs with these containers. They’re perfect for storing and serving pasta, salads, entrees, and other food items. The compact and stackable design makes storage a breeze, even in crowded kitchens.

We’ve taken durability to a new level with these containers as they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. This ensures easy storage and cleaning, enhancing your kitchen’s efficiency. The lids snap firmly into place to keep the containers airtight and leak-resistant, keeping your food fresh and tasty.

These containers also have insulating properties to keep hot food items hot and cold food items cold, preserving the quality of your meals. And the best part? They’re reusable, making them the ultimate storage or takeout option.

Invest in these versatile rectangular containers with lids today, and experience convenience like never before!


Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 42.3 × 21.5 × 39.5 in


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