Kit 3# 100% Biodegradable Paper Wrap (PLA Knife/Fork/Soup spoon/Tissue/ Salt & Pepper bag) 250Kits/Box,4Box/Master Carton

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Wrapper is made of biodegrabale material for easy disposal at commercial facilities,Offers an eco-friendly disposable cutlery option,Ideal for use in restaurants, grab-and-go retail, offices, and schools,wrapped white CPLA knife, fork, and napkin kit is a more sustainable option for disposable cutlery! An ideal alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastic utensils, the cutlery is BPI certified and made of CPLA, a plant- and chalk-based plastic that’s formed with renewable resources to minimize environmental impact upon disposal. CPLA (crystalized PLA) is stronger and can withstand higher temperatures than standard PLA, up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in a sturdier utensil.This kit also comes with a napkin for ultimate convenience. Show your guests that your establishment cares about the environment and about supplying excellent products by providing them with this disposable CPLA fork and knife kit!


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